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Turf grass offers the best ground cover for open landscapes, such as backyards, play fields, and garden sections. Well-manicured lawns need tender care, which ensures that the grasses grow healthy after sod grass installation. At Green Thumb Landscaping, we provide the best services in lawn care in Fayetteville, NC. Our range of services is available to clients that contract us to lay sod as well as those that already have existing lawns.

Whether a portion of your lawn has been invaded by vines, trees, or weeds or your yard’s lawn is dying, all you need is to call on us for proper yard care. Yard maintenance is necessary to rid your lawn of invading plants species and diseases that hamper proper turf growth. We advise you to always be on the lookout for invasive plant species that threaten your turf.

We offer a variety of lawn maintenance services, which include lawn mowing, fertilization, seeding, irrigation, and aeration done by making tiny holes in the ground to ease soil compaction. Fertilization and irrigation ensure that the turf gets proper nutritional requirements to grow healthy. On the other hand, good aeration ensures proper uptake of nutrients by the grass. We are reliable lawn maintenance experts. If you are in Fayetteville, know that you can rely on us.

Green Thumb Landscaping also offers yard treatment and lawn treatment, which ensures that the grass in your yard is disease, weed, and pest free. We pay regular visits to your yard year round to assess the health status of your lawn and to schedule appropriate treatments. We specialize in various aspects of turf care, which enable us to ensure that your lawns are healthy, lush, and green. Maintenance care is always scheduled according to the client’s requirements.

For superior lawn care services, call on Green Thumb Landscaping in the greater Fayetteville, NC, region for superior landscaping services.

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